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by Honeywell is a fire alarm manufacturer of intelligent fire alarm systems, digital voice evacuation, conventional and addressable fire alarm control panels, detectors, sensors and module for the industrial and commercial market in the United States.  Fire alarm peripherals include smoke detectors, pull stations, monitor modules, control modules, replay modules and notification appliances.  Fire alarm accessories include printers, auxiliary power supplies, battery chargers, remote annunciators, relays and door holders.

Intelligent, conventional and voice evacuation control panels in the ONYX series and FireWarden series.  ONYX series alarm panels include the models NFS-320, NFS-320C, NFS-320SYS, NFS2-640, NFS2-3030.  The FireWarden series includes the FireWarden-50, FireWarden 100-2E, Spartan-25E, Spartan-25C, NSP-25E and NSP25EC.

Emergency Voice Evacuation Panels include the ONYX Digital Voice Command and the FireVoice-25/50.

Conventional alarm panels include the RP2001, RP2002, SFP-5UD, SFP-10UD, SFP-2402 and SFP-2404.

Discontinued intelligent fire alarm control panels include the AFP-100, AFP-200, AFP-400, AFP-1010, AM-2020, FireWarden-100, NFS-640 and NFS-3030. Discontinued conventional fire alarm control panels include the SFP-1024, System 500, System 5000, RP-1001, RP-1002 and System 2500. Discontinued voice evacuation systems include the VEX-25, VEX-50 and XPIQ.  Discontinued digital alarm communicator transmitters include the NOTI-FIRE 911 ac.  Intelligent initiating devices include the FSD-751P, FSD-751RP and FST-751.  Annunciators include the AFM-16A and AFM series.

Intelligent devices include the FAPT-851, FCM and FRM series modules, FMM and FZM series modules, FSC-851, FSI-851, FSL-751, FSP-851, FSP-851T, FSP-851R, FTM-1A, ISO-X, NBG-12LX and XP10-M.  FireWarden peripherals include the N100-ISO, NC-100R, ND-100R, NH-100, NI-100A, NMM/NZM/NDM-100P, NOT-BG13LX and NP-100TA.

Remote annuciators include the ONYX FirstVision, ACS 500, ACS 5000, ACM-8R, DPI-232, FDU-80, LCD-160, LCD2-80, LCD-80, LDM series, N-ANN-80, NCA-2, RA400ZA, RM-1 and UZC-256.

Digital alarm communicator transmitters (DACT) include the IPDACT-2, IPDACT-2UD, UDACT, 411 series, 411UDAC and IPGSM.

Power supplies, battery chargers and batteries include the ACPS-610, AMPS-24, APS-6R, APS2-6R, FCPS-24S6/8, CHG-120 and BAT series batteries.

Notifier is a world leading manufacturer and provider of commercial fire alarm systems and technology that is committed to improving fire and life safety by developing cutting edge fire detection products that enable a faster, more intelligent response to fire emergencies. Download Notifier Manual.